Go Green With F.A.R.

We as F.A.R. Team believe in a cleaner and greener world and feel co-responsible for our future and through this unique innovative service rental concept we want to make our customers more aware of the possibilities and ease of sustainable travel.

Because Airlines are increasingly forced to save fuel in order to keep the airline tickets for consumers affordable.

Earlier predictions in this direction, among other things shows that air traffic will increase significantly over the next few years, which will have a major impact on the environment, which will not lead to an decrease of 300-700% more pollution, including Co2 emissions.

Thanks to this unique service rental concept and with your help we can make a positive contribution, which will lead to a decrease in both the weight of the vehicle and a lower fuel and CO2 emissions, which will benefit climate change (greenhouse effect) so that our children also in the near future can live in a cleaner and greener world.

All this will also be rewarded to you as a F.A.R customer by means of the so-called Greenmiles value-card.
The value of the Greenmiles value-card will be built up by using a product-linked point system whose height will depend on the number of leased products, actions and flown greenmiles.

The Greenmiles value card is a fun savings initiative that you can redeem at any time and at all of our network locations for discounts on cool trendy products.