Buggy Stroller with carrycot

Buggy Stroller with carrycot

$13.99 Incl. VAT / day

The chicco babystroller.

The Urban Baby stroller is equipped with wheels in different diameters and shock absorbers, and runs accordingly comfortable on any surface.
Ease of use.

Thanks to various clever features, this baby carriage is easy to fold and can easily be transported by means of a handle. In addition, this pram is equipped with a travel wheel and a reversible seating area.

The Urban Pram is equipped with a paved soil and a mattress so that the youngest can comfortably lie. The Chicco Autofix Fix Fast Car Chest is perfect to combine with this Urban Pram

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Geschikt from 0 month till max.15 kg.

Product Specification:

Stroller: Including carrycot.

Mattress present: Yes.

Color: Black.

Frame: Aluminium.

Number of children: One.

Shock absorbers: Yes.

Number of wheels: Four.

Type: wheels castors, fixed behind

Type of tires: Massive.

Fits stroller on: Yes.

Fits infant car seat on: Yes.

settings and functions:

Hibernation Tooltip: Yes.

Adjustable handles/push handle: Yes.

Reversible seat: yes.

Technical Specification:

Weight: 14.5 kg.

Mount weight: 10.5 kg.

Dimensions: (w x h x d) 52.7 x 35 x 87.4 cm.

Weight: 4.5 kg carry cot .


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