Snorkel set Grow-up

Snorkel set Grow-up

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Snorkel Set Grow-Up.

This snorkel set consists a snorkel and fins and is extremely compact and therefore ideal for taking on holiday.

The snorkel has two-glazed and is provided with a soft silicone material. which makes it feel comfortable on the face and closes excellent. With the buckles on the side, the snorkel strap is easy to adjust. The Snorkel is equipped with a splash-top, which reduces water in the snorkel. The waterless valve at the bottom of the snorkel makes it easy to discharge the water.
The Fins are just 40 cm but swim excellent by the many channels which are made in the vin and is ideal for taking with you on a trip.

Clear dates



Suitable from 12 years to 99 years

Product Specifications.

Snorkel set: mask, snorkel, fins.

Diving mask adjustable: Yes with clips.

Fins adjustable: Yes with heel strap.

Water Splash Guard present: Yes.

Angled purge valve present: Yes.

Size: 39-43.

Genus: for unisex.

Color: Divers.

Length 40 cm: Yes


Size: 36x18x15 cm.

Length: 40 cm.

Width: 18 cm.

Height: 15 cm.

Weight: 1083.grams.

Material: Synthetic (hypo-allergenic silicone material.)

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