Beach Grow-up Package

Beach Grow-up Package

$3.50 Incl. VAT / day

Beach Grow-Up Package.

With the Grow-Up beach gadget package, you don’t have to bore yourself anymore during the holidays. This package is equipped with various cool beach games including Speedminton, Beach Tennis, but also a football, frisbee and a real delta flyer that you can test together with others are included.



Clear dates



Suitable from 10 years

Package composition:

1 x Speedminton set with accessories: Yes.

1 x frisbee: Yes.

1 x Beach tennis set with accessories: Yes.

1 x football: Yes.

1 x Delta kite with accessories: Yes.

All our above sets include shoulder bag with 2 x tennis racket with shuttles dry or tennis balls etc.
Featured brand and model, may be different see (Terms & Conditions).


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