Baby Monitor

Baby Monitor

$6.99 Incl. VAT / day

De Baby Monitor.

The baby monitor by Alecto (type DBX-82) is besides a very highly functional compact device and also equipped with a portable technology (PMR), which makes this baby monitor very reliable and secure. Additionally, this baby monitor can easily be expanded with extra baby units, which is ideal when there are several small children involved ,can reach a great distance up to 3 kilometers and is this provided with a solid stootproof enclosure, handy belt clip, flashlight and key lock what makes this product to a must-have holiday rental.

Clear dates



Suitable from 0 months

Baby Monitor-options.

Camera: No.

Connection type: PMR.

Night-light: No.

Sooth function: No.

Image activation: No.

Sound activation: No.

Lullabies: No.

With smartphone app to use: No.

Temperature display: No.

Product specifications.

Color: White.

AC/DC adapter: AC adapter,Jaccu’s and AC Adapter.

Dimensions: 28.3 x 21.3 x 8.3cm (l x w x h)

Weight: 703 grams.

Technical specifications.

Indoor range: up to 100 meters.

Range outdoors: up to 3000 meters .


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