Children big or small are usually easily satisfied, however it would be a pity if the children get quickly bored or not getting the right proper care during their holiday, because this could have affect the holiday atmosphere for the whole family.

Through our collaboration with reputable travel organizations and our global range of network rental locations, can the whole family in combination with our extensive range of care and entertainment enjoy the holiday, below we’ve listed the main benefits for you.

A) Comfortable and relaxed on holiday where the booking will be ready for you on location.
B) Beneficial to rent.
C) Quickly and easily to compile in our webshop.
D) All necessary care is guaranteed including various electric products.

E) No dragging with heavy suitcases and the risk of overweight, fracture, or loss which would lead to extra costs.
F) Always the latest products of the best quality available.
G) Excellent service and warranty provisions.
H) Extension of desired products at destination can easily beachieved.
I) Do you provide a positive contribution to the environment.
J) Will you be rewarded with our Greenmiles value card which you can spend freely in all of our network locations.

Briefly a very practical but also an advantageous solution for the whole family, were all the worries about the products to be taken or not definitely belongs to the past and always be ready for pickup on your holiday destination.