The Guarantees of Fly Away Rentals:

Fly Away Rentals seeks to ensure that your chosen network rental location will be as close as possible at your vacation stay.


Fly Away Rentals guarantees to rent only products of reputable brands which are in outstanding condition and are being periodically maintained.


Fly Away Rentals guarantees to rent only controlled products, which are regularly inspected by experts and safe to use.


Fly Away Rentals rented products may, if available, be exchanged at the relevant network location for another version / product within the same category, possibly without any additional payment.

You have a complaint?

Of course we will do everything to make your vacation as pleasant as possible.
However, it may happen that something with the rented products have gone wrong on your network location.
If you believe you have a legitimate complaint, we advise you to report this directly at your relevant network location.

If this doesn’t lead to the desired solution, please contact our customer service as soon as possible.
Together with you, we will do everything possible to resolve your complaint.

Please note that if you have not disclosed your complaint to us or to any relevant network location in time, this the suspends, excludes, or even limits, any right to compensation.

In addition, we also inform you that on all our bookings the general rental terms are being applied.
A copy of this condition will after your booking be sent to you. Any review of these condition can also be refound on our website at Terms & Conditions.
We recommend you to read these terms carefully so that together a successful holiday can be accomplish of which you delightfully enjoy and possible misunderstandings can be avoid.