Partners. is a young unique holiday rental network in close cooperation with creative partners including:-Constructing network rental locations represented worldwide:
-Roomed travel organizations including :Hotels and Resorts.

Our mission.
It’s our mission to make traveling with kids as simple as possible wherever you go. But also sustainable because we only have one planet (for now) and we all have to care for it.
With this Fly Away Rentals concept we can keep the air clean together, including Mother Earth.

Continuous innovation.
We are working on one amazing concept that is changing the way the world looks at traveling with kids worldwide.
Together with you as an partners we will continue to develop the Fly Away Rentals concept in size and in experience with worldwide new locations, new technology and improved services and products will continuously enhance F.A.R. experience.

Looking for you as partner.
So If you are a creative entrepreneur and already have your own website or internet portal in the (baby) retailers industry, but you still have questions left regarding the possibilities and conditions about becoming a Fly Away Rentals rental Agency, then this may be a unique opportunity. To further enhance your business in the current market.

Still more questions? We’re happy to help you.

By submitting the application form below, mentioning your company details, name (website) number of locations regarding country and locations as well as your questions, our team will contact you as soon as possible.

We are looking forward to your message.

The Fly away Rentals Team.

Meet Our Partners

Fly Away Rentals thrives on positive energy, teamwork and partnerships. From day one we partnered up with exceptional partners that firmly believed in our idea and wanted to grow with us. We don’t believe in standard partnerships. We love to do things in a different way: the entrepreneurial way. We share knowledge, and we share successes. Not for 1 day, but long term. We call it: smart partnerships.