About F.A.R.

Fly Away Rentals (F.A.R.) is the first online baby & kids holiday service rental network concept intended for families with small children between (0-12jr) which are during their holiday abroad.


Research on behalf of Fly Away Rentals showed that 90% of this target group needs the necessary care as well as the comfort as used at home, and also find this an important significant contribution to a carefree vacation.

At Fly Away Rentals we don’t let anything happen about our wide range of products that you will finding back in the categories.

Travel Time related products such as baby stroller,cariers and car seats etc.
Sleeptime related products such as various beds with accessories etc.
Eattime related products such as highchair with accessories etc.
Playtime related products such as Beach toy related products etc.
Those categories consists exclusively of high quality top brands products, which will be renewed or supplemented by our network location specialist with the latest material every year.

This F.A.R. service rental concept offers you and your family a very practical but especially also an beneficial solution for traveling with children anywhere in the world, a self-evident feeling that stresses about the products to be taken or not, and the risk of overweight, fracture, or searching definitely belong to the past.
A Concept that allows you to easily order custom products in the various categories from our webshop, and will be ready for pick-up on arrival at our cooperative service rental locations of your choice.

Discover the possibilities of discounts and offers on our rental rates, and take advantage of the tips and tricks when assembling our help desk.
The choice made in the products is to determine whether your stay will be a success or not, we will gladly assist you with this.
So pay close attention and make your vacation a carefree vacation.

Rely on Fly Away Rentals.