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Fly Away Rentals thrives on positive energy, teamwork and partnerships. From day one we partnered up with exceptional partners that firmly believed in our idea and wanted to grow with us. We don’t believe in standard partnerships. We love to do things in a different way: the entrepreneurial way. We share knowledge, and we share successes. Not for 1 day, but long term. We call it: smart partnerships.

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Our Rental products

When it comes to our advice we’re proud to say we’re different. We offer something a little more special.


With our Fly Away Rentals playtime beach packages you don’t have the time to get bored, this category contains a lot of fun and varied activities for young and old.

But also for those who just only want to relax on the beach are there many possibilities such as a cool box, air beds and even a beach cloth.
And Besides all of this are all these products for you ranked on activity, age and safety as well.


Travelling with children during the holidays is for many parents might be one of the biggest challenges.
Just think about the traveling with children in the city, beach, forest or by car.

Often it is precisely those facilities that are just easily available at home but on your vacation destination often lack.
In this category you will find all travel-related products that makes traveling with children very easy for any activity.

In addition,are all of these products arranged clearly for both activity and age and comply with the strictest safety and quality standards.


During the holiday, children get a lot of new impressions, and is mostly an active period of swimming, playing and running, if the weather is also hot too the kids will be often getting sleepy very quickly

Good facilities in this way work as a reset button and ensure that the whole family gets enough sleep during the holiday so that everyone is full of energy the next morning.

In addition you also will find in this category the most important products that support this,and are all these for you selected on use, age, comfort and safety.


Eating with children during the holidays is in many ways often a whole experience and steal the very smallest kids mostly the show.

A good sturdy cutlery, plate, Cup and the accompanying high chair for various ages is certainly a must.

In this category you will find all table-related products that make it easier with children to eat. and,are all these products selected on usage and age, so that you can relax and eat safely during the holidays.

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